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Off the Rack Suiting

Our off the rack purchase range is one of the biggest in Adelaide with over 700 in stock. The brands we carry allow us to cater for just about anyone no matter body shape, size or occasion. Check out this brand line up:

  • Armani Collezioni
  • Hugo Boss
  • Versace Collection
  • Lagerfeld
  • Gibson
  • Cambridge
  • Don Bagnato
  • Politix
  • New England
  • Kenneth Blake
  • Studio Italia
  • Christian Brookes
  • Daniel Hetcher
  • Rembrandt
  • Uberstone
  • Alessandro Gilles

We also carry a range of Made in Italy suiting using fabrics from Reda, Vitale Barberis, Zegna & Zignoni. The quality of the fabrics used depend on the brand but pure wool or wool/silk materials are the most popular. With the range of suiting we carry we have sizes ranging from 84R to 156R (32R to 62R Australian sizing or 42R to 72R Italian Sizing). Each brand has its own unique cut which is why when you come in looking to buy a suit, we want to try different styles and cuts to find the perfect one.

We don’t just carry formal suiting, we have suits to cater for any occasion no matter the dress code. We have suits for black tie events and weddings, suits for the races, school formals, outdoor occasions, beach weddings, work and even chinos and blazers.

Make sure Gerry’s suit Hire & Sales is your first stop when it comes to buying your first or 10th suit.

Tailor Made Suiting

Tailor Made Suiting – Finding the perfect suit can be hard, not only do you need to find the right fabric but the cut, style and details of the suit need to meet your expectations. Not only do we stock some amazing suits from Armani, Versace, Lagerfeld and our own Made in Italy range, but we can also custom make your suit incase we haven’t got what you want in stock.

We have thousands of fabrics to choose from Zegna, Dormeuil, Reda, Caccioppoli, Marzoni , Valentino, Guabello & Loro Piana. You choose the fabric, style, cut and every detail of the suit so your vision can come to life. 2pce suits starting from just $949 using a pure wool material made in 3-4 weeks.

No matter the body shape and no matter the occasion. Contact us on Facebook, call us on 8362 6430 or come and visit us in store and we can take you through the process of having your own custom-made suit.

How Does It Work?

We do prefer appointments, however we should be able to look after you if you just walk in. If you do prefer to work by appointment please contact us through email, Facebook or please call us on 8362 6430 and we can organise a consultation or fitting with one of our tailors.
Fittings take about an hour. We take all your measurements and guide you through all the decisions that go into making your suit including fabric selection and every detail with making your suit.
In about 3-8 weeks (depending on where the suit is made) your suit is delivered and we contact you for a second fitting. If there are any alterations needed we have these done within a week. If the suit is perfect you take it with you then.
4. Want more?
We will keep all of your measurements on record so the next time you come and see us its all pretty easy


The amount of fabrics we have to choose from need to be seen to be believed. We have fabrics
from Zegna, Dormeuil, Reda, Caccioppoli, Marzoni, Valentino, Loro Piana, Guabello & more. The
quality of the fabrics are also extensive with pure wool & cashmere very popular.

Fit Styles

The style of the suits can be made exactly how you want it. To try and make this process as easy as possible we will try different suits on in store as well as showing you designs which can be used.
The vision you have in mind will come to life and we also recommend looking at apps such as Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will my suit take to come in?
A: The confirmation process usually takes 1-2 days. Once the suit is confirmed and ordered it usually takes 3-6 weeks for the suit to arrive depending on the time of the year and where the suit is made. As we make our suits out of Italy and Hong Kong, the delivery time may vary.

Q: How long does the selection and measurement process take?
A: We will try and make this process as quick as possible but please allow up to an hour. The longest process is going to be choosing the fabric and details of the suit, the actual measurements take around 15 minutes.

Q: What happens when my suit arrives?
A; When your suit arrives we will call you and arrange a time to come in to try the suit on. It is important for us to see the suit on you to make sure it fits you spot on. If, however at this fitting we see things which may need to be altered we will pin and chalk the suit for you.

Q: Tailor made isn’t really for me, but I would like to buy a new suit. Can you still help me?
A: Of course we can, we have a huge range of suits in stock which can be purchased off the rack and altered to fit you.

Q: I don’t need a suit but someone I know does, can I buy him a gift voucher?
A: Yes you can, in any amount you like. The gift voucher will be printed personally to the person who is receiving it.

Q: Can we do a group booking?
A: Not a problem, if there is a group of you who would like to have suits made we can cater for that as well. We are also more then happy to meet with a group of you just to discuss how it works and the options available. Just let us know how many guys will be there so we can arrange the appropriate staff to come and see you.

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